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Monroe County
Friends of Animals:
Volunteer Support
to the Shelter

Proud to be the FIRST
Pets for Patriots Shelter
in Tennessee!

Spay/Neuter Assistance for Pets, Inc

We would like to see more cats using our spay/neuter vouchers. Vouchers can be used for Barn cats, House cats and Outdoor cats you love that can be placed in a take to the vet.

A pet owner can receive multiple vouchers.

Spay/Neuter Assistance for Pets, Inc. (SNAP) will issue about 100 free spay/neuter vouchers to low income Monroe County Residents on Saturday, July 11th      (click here for more info)

For more info, go to SNAP Web Site: For information on how to qualify, contact Mike or Susan Cleverdon at 423-884-6801.

Prevention is wiser than destruction.
Please neuter your pets.

Please support our shelter.


Important NOTICE: MCFA volunteers, please reserve Thursday, July 16th, on your calendar for a picnic at Fort Loudoun State Park. We will celebrate all that you do to help save our cats and dogs here in Monroe County. Time will be 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM More details to follow soon via email.

Click here  for an Invitation to ALL ACTIVE Volunteers

(Photos Credit: Dorothy Baxter)

Choco is a 1-2 year old male Pekingese mix with an adorable little happy face. He weighs about 18 lbs., is neutered and up-to-date on all of his shots. He has tested heartworm negative and is on heartworm prevention.

He enjoys car rides and chewing on elk horns and will entertain himself for hours with a horn or a variety of toys and balls. Choco is currently in a foster home where he plays and wrestles with the other dogs and enjoys being with his foster mom & dad. He didn't know about house-training when he first arrived and frequent outside walks with lots of praise, quickly fixed that problem.

Cute as he is, he shouldn't be around young children (no one under 10) as he gets cross sometimes and will get nippy. He'll also do better around dogs his size and bigger and roughly his age. He'd be a great apartment dog. If you think that Choco might be just the dog you're looking for, call the shelter at 423-442-1015 to make arrangements to meet him.


It's hot - some days are really hot, others are only moderately hot, but when it's summertime, it gets hot in your car. Many dogs who might normally love to go with you when you're running errands find that it's not so much fun in the summer. They would rather be left home in their comfort zone. If you feel that you just can't leave home without Fido, then be very, very aware of the dangers of overheating. You might think that the car will be cool enough to leave your pet for just a couple of minutes, but you have no way of knowing what delay might befall you or just how quickly your car will heat up to fatal temperatures. Leaving the air conditioning on is not a solution either as once the engine starts to overheat, the air system's compressor shuts off and now blows out hot air, making the temperature even more deadly. As of July 1 it will be legal in the State of TN for someone to break into your car if they think your dog is in danger and you run the risk of those damages, plus a fine for animal endangerment. That's the good part - the worst part would be to come back to your car and find your dog (or cat) has been cooked alive.

You are not doing your pet any favors by dragging him along on summertime errands if he needs to be left in the car. More stores and restaurants are now allowing pets to be brought in to the store, but please be sure your animal is well-socialized and will not create trouble for other patrons. A good way help your dog be a canine good citizen would be to give him the opportunity to become used to a new environment. Take some time to make quick, happy visits to an establishment that allows pets and bring lots and lots of treats. Make it short and very rewarding for your pet. This is not a shopping trip - it's a training trip. Just think of the places you and your best friend will be able to go if you both are good citizens and good canine or feline ambassadors.

Shelter needs this week - bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels. Check out our web site at and like us on Facebook at TN Monroe County Animal Shelter. Call 423-442-1015 or visit the shelter at 170 Kefauver Lane in Madisonville (behind Wal-Mart) Tuesday-Friday from 10-5 and Saturdays from 10-2. The shelter is closed to the public on Sunday and Monday.



We celebrate all the volunteers who work with the Monroe County Animal Shelter and the Monroe County Friends of Animals. They are a big reason so many animal's lives are being saved in Monroe County. Smokey and Miss Kitty represent us as good will ambassadors and live in their costumed characters through snow, sleet, freezing cold and blasting summer heat and humidity. A special thanks to Paul and Tina Wenner for their dedication.


IMPORTANT NOTE: At the present time there is NO full time Animal Control Officer in Monroe County. Please call the Sheriff’s office at 423-442-3911 to report cases of stray animals, animal endangerment or abuse/neglect. Please do not call the shelter.


NOTE: All animals are spayed/neutered before adoption.

Please spay or neuter your own pets
help us keep our county's pet population under control.

Do your part to keep Monroe County beautiful and visitor friendly.
Use the number below to report instances of stray or abused animals:
4 2 3 . 4 4 2 . 3 9 1 1
Please note that this is not the direct number to Animal Control, but the Sheriff's Dispatch which takes a report and then relays information to Animal Control.

For information about lost or found pets and adoption, contact:
Monroe County Animal Shelter
170 Kefauver Lane, Madisonville, TN 37354

Map to Shelter
located behind Wal-Mart | Hours: Tues - Fri 10 to 5; Sat 10 to 2.
Closed Sun/Mon.

To become a member of MCFA, make a donation,
volunteer either in the shelter or in another venue, contact:
Monroe County Friend of Animals
P.O. Box 106, Vonore, TN 37885
phone: 423.442.1015

(Updated: Wednesday, 06/25/2015)