How You Can Help

Call the shelter for information on how you can help make a difference: 423.442.1015

Become a Shelter Volunteer
shelter volunteer
Commit to spending a number of hours per week or month as a volunteer at the shelter. There are many worthwhile positions in which our volunteers serve.

Call 423.442.1015 to set up a date for orientation and to fill out the necessary paperwork.
Foster an adult dog or cat for second chance pals.
WANTED: A few good hearts and homes. Become a volunteer for second chance pals by fostering one of our adult dogs or cats. These animals are the ones most at risk in a shelter environment. Each has been screened for adoptability and temperament.
Become part of our popular
puppy rescue through Rolling Rescue.
Become part of the Rolling Rescue effort by fostering abandoned puppies for two weeks before they go north to New York to find their new homes.

You may choose to donate $25 per puppy to help send puppies on the next RR run.
Support MCFA as a Business Booster
business booster
If you have a business, please consider becoming a Business Booster with a donation to our annual gala in January.
If you don't have a business, please support our Business Boosters by visiting their businesses and tell them how much you, as a customer, appreciate their support!
Donate Kuranda Bed
Kuranda Dog Bed
Just click on the logo at the left and order at a discount to be shipped directly to the shelter.
Animal Rescue Site Click every day to have free food donated to our shelter. They send reminders so it's super easy plus the added benefit of reading heartwarming rescue stories!
Participate in our next Road Block event to raise money from folks driving through our county. Check our calendar for next event, including contact, time and place.
Make a difference in our schools! Volunteer at a Monroe County Junior Middle or a Senior High School for our Jr. MCFA program. Contact Anja Hammersmith for more information.
Donate your next-to-new-but-no-longer-needed household goods, furniture, jewelry and fashion clothing and accessories to our thrift store. See Thrift Store link for information.
Become a member of MCFA with your membership fee of $25. See Membership link for details.
Take a look at our Wish List and choose the items you would like to donate. Dogs and cats both need supplies to cope with the stress of shelter environment and the shelter itself always has a list of general supplies.
Celebrate a Birthday or Holiday or make a Memorial bequest to MCFA in honor of a someone who loves animals.
Include MCFA in your estate planning.
Sponsor a shelter kennel run for $XX per month. We'll put your picture and name on a kennel to denote your gift.
Last, but not least, adopt an animal from our shelter! It could change your life for the better, but will also give one of these abandoned animals a second chance at a new life.

If you already have pets, treasure the time you share with them. It's never long enough . . .