Spay-Neuter Assistance for Pets

SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance for Pets, Inc.) is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to reducing the number of euthanized stray and unwanted animals in Monroe County, TN, by providing low-income residents with free spay or neuter vouchers for their pet cats and dogs.

For complete information, please visit their website at For information about the next spay/neuter voucher issue session, contact Mike or Susan Cleverdon at 423-884-6801 or click here for information.

In September, 2013, SNAP will complete the two-year $33,300 PetSmart spay/neuter grant that targets residents living in the Tellico Plains Zip Code.  When complete, the PetSmart grant will have paid to “fix” more than 584 pet dogs & cats from Tellico Plains. 

SNAP plans to resume scheduling voucher issue sessions on a rotating basis for the four towns in Monroe County.  The next SNAP voucher issue sessions are scheduled on the following Saturdays:

            Sep 28 at Tellico Plains Community Center 10 - 11 am

            Nov 2  at Vonore Community Center 10 - 11 am

            Dec 7 at Sweetwater City Hall 10 – 11am

            January 11 at Madisonville Cora Veal Center  10 – 11am

Funding to pay for the vouchers issued will be provided by grants from PetSmart Charities, Bissell Pet Foundation, ASPCA, HSUS, and SpayTennessee.

In the 10 ½ years since incorporation, SNAP has paid to spay/neuter more than 10,600 pet dogs and cats.  The result has been a substantial improvement in the Monroe County Animal Shelter statistics since the intake and euthanasia peaked in 2009.   In 2012, the shelter intake was reduced 28% and the euthanasia was reduced 41%.  Based on mid-year 2013 statistics, SNAP estimates that the intake will be reduced to 32% and euthanasia reduced to 49% at 2013 year end when compared to the 2009 peak year.

The SNAP spay neuter program attacks the root cause of the animal population problem in Monroe County by preventing unwanted litters.  The shelter reduction in animal intake is a direct result of the SNAP program.  The ultimate goal of SNAP is to reduce the shelter intake rate until there are no healthy animals euthanized.

The SNAP program contributes to the euthanasia reduction, but the Monroe County Friends of Animals & the County Animal Shelter adoption, rescue and return to owner programs are the main reason for the additional euthanasia improvement above the intake.

Tax deductable donations can be mailed to SNAP, 190 Blue Jay Avenue, Vonore, TN  37885.